Last updated: Jun 18, 2020

168 strain expressing GFP inserted at amyE locus. Barcoded.

GFP was inserted at amyE locus using the protocol and plasmid (attached) described in Veening et al. Barcode 207 updated previous barcode and identifies this strain (in between ybxH and ybxI)

Digital Barcode (Version 1.0)


Physical Barcode (Version 1.0)

Jan-Willem Veening, Heath Murray and Jeff Errington. A mechanism for cell cycle regulation of sporulation initiation in Bacillus subtilis. Genes Dev. 2009, 23.


Strain data

Bacillus subtilis

ATCC 6051

168 - amyE GFP-cat (BC207)

trpC2, amyE::GFP-cat, BC207-zeoR

Trp(-), Chloramphenicol resistant, Zeocin resistant

Devonshire Building. ICOS -80 room. Freezer 2. Box 2.

Jun 06, 2019