Last updated: Jul 16, 2020


TraVF and pET22b were PCR amplified using primer pair 75/76 and primer pair 73/74 respectively. The PCR products were combined using the NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Cloning Kit (New England Biolabs.).

Digital Barcode (Version 1.0)


This plasmid was constructed in this work: Protein interactions within and between two F-type type IV secretion systems. Birgit Koch, Melanie M. Callaghan, Jonathan Tellechea Luzardo, Ami Y. Seeger, Joseph P. Dillard, and Natalio Krasnogor. 2020. Submitted to Molecular Microbiology. The backbone (pET22b) comes from Novagen.

Strain data


This plasmid was propagated using 10-beta strain: Δ(ara-leu) 7697 araD139 fhuA ΔlacX74 galK16 galE15 e14-  ϕ80dlacZΔM15  recA1 relA1 endA1 nupG  rpsL 

This plasmid was created in this work from pET22b

Protein expression vector. AmpR (Novagen)

Ampicillin resistance

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